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Why Your Johns Creek Home Expired / How To Get Your Home Sold

Why did my listing expire is a question many sellers are asking themselves. A good listing agent will be able to advise you with a marketing plan that will promote the best likelihood for an offer.  I spend most of my marketing efforts toward online marketing because according to the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of buyers are going online to finding listings.

Listing a home is a team effort and to sell a home in this market we must have an aggressive marketing plan. With all the short sale and foreclosure properties out there, marketing, pricing and the home being in show condition is key.

I will evaluate your situation and then suggest a plan to get your goals met. There are 3 main reasons why listings don't sell: Marketing, Price and Condition. Lets discuss these three items. As the agent, I only control the marketing, but you the seller, will set the price. It is also your responsibility to make sure the buyers like what they see when they view the property.

My approach combine facts and market information, and sometimes it's not what a seller wants to hear, but I present it this way so we can get your home sold. There are agents who will "bid up" the listing price just to appease the seller and get a listing. The agent will inevitably start asking you to reduce the price when the home sits on the market with no activity during the best opportunity to get an offer while the listing is new.  

I base my listing price on market data not emotions. Remember, agents never determine the sales price, the market does. Do not make the common mistake of choosing an agent with the highest listing price. Never select an agent based on sales price, always choose the agent with the best marketing plan


Marketing Your Home: 

Real estate is all about exposure and that is why just putting the listing in the MLS system and sticking a sign in the yard in not enough. My listings are found on all major Internet service provider's real estate section as well as all of the sites found on my marketing your home page. You will see many familiar and popular sites that buyers are visiting when looking for homes. Getting maximum exposure is your purpose for hiring an agent. Each listing is featured in my blog and is a very great way to promote a property listing because it is new information that google and other search engines recognize highly.

Great pictures get showings and the more the better. I spend a lot of my time making sure my client's home photos look great! I don't take pictures of your home with a budget price compact camera. I have a Canon Digital SLR camera with a 10-20mm wide angle lens with the best flash Canon has. I then touch up the photos with Lightroom to ensure they look crisp. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the photos. Listen to a video of what one of my clients thought about the pictures I took in his home.

For you sellers that are concerned about feedback, I have a great feedback program, Pro Agent Solutions. This program will notify you through email with seven mulitple choice questions that were answered by the buyer's agent. This program is amazing as it will let us know once we receive a few showings what the buyers think about the property. It lets us know if we are on target or if we need to make some adjustments in specific areas. See an example of the statistics I will send you from the showings.


Most common seller mistake is over-pricing their homes. Right now we have a shortage of inventory and many sales induce multiple offers if the home is priced correctly. Pricing correctly does 3 things.

First you will get a lot more showings if you are priced correctly. Second, your highest chance of getting an offer is within the first 8 weeks of listing so you definitely don't want to be overpriced. Lastly, most buyers will be financing the property and every offer received will more than likely have an appraisal contingency built into the offer. What that means is buyers are not obligated to buy the property if it does not appraise for the purchase price. You will never get a multiple offer situation (which drives up the price) on an over-priced home.

Overpricing will cause you to receive less showings, more time on the market, and many times a lower final sales price than if it was priced right to start with because of the excessive time on the market. The first question my buyers ask me about a property is how long has it been on the market? Buyers offer less if they know it has been on the market for a long time. Avoid that common seller mistake. 


The appearance of your home is extremely important. You will only have one chance to make a great first impression to potential buyers. If your home is neglected, needing repairs, and is cluttered, the buyers may move on unless your price reflects its condition. Part of my marketing plan is hiring a home stager that will meet with us and go room by room to ensure your home makes a great first impression.

Buyers will buy foreclosures if they want to work on a home. Some buyers are looking for homes that are move-in-ready and are willing to pay top dollar for that convenience. These are the homes that are selling and your competition. Normal home sales (not foreclosures or short sales) that are not in top condition will sit on the market and remain unsold. I will help guide you with suggestions on what issues need addressing and I can also help stage your home.

I'm a straight forward type of person who desires to help you with your Real Estate needs. I have a SRS (Seller Representative Specialist) designation and an e-PRO® (Internet Certification) to ensure your hiring an agent who is  internet savvy and well informed about the selling process. I promise to give you good solid advice so you can make informed decisions. If you hire me your listing will be on all the websites on my marketing your home page and the photos will look excellent. Buyers will not miss your listing online if you hire me.

As I have stated above, it is a team effort and if Marketing, Price and Condition are addressed correctly you can expect your home to become a sold listing. I will go into more detail about all the things I do to get a listing sold when we meet.  

 I service Alpharetta, Roswell, Woodstock, Milton, Johns Creek, Cumming, Buford, Suwanee, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Grayson, and Dacula. I look forward to discussing your Real Estate needs with you.




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